Neutral PlatformNeutral Platform

Revolutionizing Environmental Asset Trading

Empowering buyers and sellers with specialized market infrastructure.

How it works

Currently, Regenerative Finance (ReFi) services are segregated across chains and platforms, making it difficult to interact with the ReFi ecosystem and its advanced features. On the Neutral platform, users can benefit from lightning-fast order execution with access to aggregated tokenization, pooling, redemption, and retirement services.

Users will be able to

Project Developers

Project developers

Sell your credits directly to a buyer and set the price you want.

Commodity trader

Commodity trader

Execute sophisticated trades to acquire the environmental commodities you need.



Route orders to our high frequency order book for lightening fast execution and improved pricing.

Financial institutions

Financial institutions

Gain exposure to vetted environmental assets to balance your portfolio.

We’re building a specialized order book and matching engine to improve pricing and liquidity for environmental assets

Unlike traditional order book platforms that trade homogeneous commodities, Neutral deals with environmental assets with a diverse set of characteristics that buyers and sellers have preferences over. Pooling these assets together increases liquidity but reduces a buyer’s ability to purchase specific credits of interest or sellers to get fair pricing. Our order book system allows buyers and sellers to interact with liquid pools while expressing preferences for the underlying assets.