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Neutral partners with Puro Earth and Toucan to list CHAR on its trading platform

Neutral partners with Puro Earth and Toucan to list CHAR on its trading platform

Puro biochar credits are now available on Neutral through Toucan's CHAR.

Neutral, a regulated trading platform for environmental assets, is partnering with, the leading carbon crediting platform for engineered carbon removal credits. This collaboration introduces the trading of Puro's verified CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) on Neutral's platform, available through Toucan’s biochar trading instrument, CHAR.

CHAR was launched in March ‘24 and is the first trading instrument to allow market participants to purchase, sell, and retire biochar CORCs around the clock. CHAR provides transparent market pricing and enables a liquid, or commonly traded, market for biochar credits. It allows buyers to access an inventory of biochar CORCs at a moment's notice, while enabling whitelisted project developers to instantly sell credits.

CHAR is designed differently than legacy carbon trading instruments. It allows market participants to select the specific biochar projects they prefer from the instrument’s inventory and has incentive mechanisms to maintain inventory diversity. It is also the first trading instrument that will provide project developers with royalties for secondary trade.

CHAR’s current inventory comes from renowned project developers Oregon BiocharSolutions, Exomad Green, BC Biocarbon, and American BioCarbon with other project developers in the pipeline.

Neutral’s listing of CHAR will improve asset liquidity and provide institutional clients with a regulated interface to trade CHAR and its associated CORCs. Neutral’s CEO, Farouq Ghandour, emphasizes that “mature carbon markets will require transparent pricing and trade, advanced trading instruments with embedded due diligence, and regulated market infrastructure that institutional clients will be comfortable with. Listing CHAR onNeutral will provide all of those integral characteristics to help take CDR markets to maturity. We’re proud to partner with trailblazing companies like Puro and Toucan to push these markets forward.”

“In order to accelerate worldwide scaling, the carbon removal sector requires increased trust and liquidity. Neutral and Toucan are expanding the accessibility of Puro Standard certified biochar projects by introducing a new purchasing avenue for corporations aiming to integrate CORCs into their net zero portfolios via the high-quality CHAR carbon credit portfolio”, said Antti Vihavainen, CEO of

You can find more information on CHAR on the Neutral website at andyou can reach out to the Neutral team at [email protected] to start the onboardingprocess. Please note that only institutional users can access the Neutral platform.

About Neutral

Neutral is an exchange for environmental assets. We combine tokenized carbon credits, renewable energy credits, and carbon forwards with specialized market infrastructure to deliver efficiency, transparency, and trust in these markets.

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