Neutral Partners with Renoster to Increase Transparency and Quality of Assets Listed on the Exchange

Neutral Partners with Renoster to Increase Transparency and Quality of Assets Listed on the Exchange

The partnership enhances the integrity of carbon credit trading and ensures that only high-quality, verified offsets are available on the exchange.

Neutral, a next-generation exchange for environmental assets, partners with Renoster, a reputable and rising provider of transparency for carbon credit projects. The collaboration reinforces Neutral's commitment to maintaining the highest quality and integrity in the carbon credits traded on its platform.

Renoster employs an open, scientific framework to provide transparent reviews of carbon credit projects. This approach involves a comprehensive review of forest carbon projects based on five critical criteria: additionality, baseline, leakage, verification, and permanence, as well as beyond-carbon categories like community and biodiversity benefits. Through the use of remote sensing technology, Renoster can accurately determine the carbon sequestration value of forest offset projects, which enables the discovery of high-quality carbon credits. Neutral leverages this deep transparency to ensure that the carbon credits traded on the exchange are of the highest standard​​.

Neutral allows users to trade tokenized carbon credits, renewable energy credits, and carbon forward contracts while supporting tokenization, pooling, and redemption services. By integrating Renoster's transparent reviews into its system, Neutral will enable traders to make informed decisions based on the Renoster-verified quality and reliability of the carbon credits. 

Neutral and Renoster share a common vision for a future where high-quality carbon offsets play a crucial role in mitigating the impacts of climate change. This partnership will contribute to the integrity of the environmental asset markets and promote trust in carbon credits among traders, businesses, and consumers.

"Working with Renoster has deepened our understanding of what constitutes high-quality carbon projects and helped us diligence projects we are working with. The numeric score generated from their Mercury Rubric provides a level of precision that is very much needed in the market today. The Renoster team’s high integrity thesis for what carbon markets need to scale is admirable, and we're excited to be working alongside them to diligence projects and to include their ratings on our exchange." - Farouq Ghandour, CEO of Neutral
"Neutral is a trailblazer in the web3 and carbon ecosystem by consistently placing an emphasis on high-quality credits. We're excited to be able to partner on the mission of bringing more transparency to a greater density of projects and driving revenue to the projects that have proven effective at sequestering carbon, improving the lives of communities, and driving biodiversity increases." - Saif Bhatti, CEO of Renoster

About Neutral

Neutral is an exchange for environmental assets. We combine tokenized carbon credits, renewable energy credits, and carbon forwards with specialized market infrastructure to deliver efficiency, transparency, and trust in these markets.

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